My Memorabilia Bin

Ever since I left for college 25 years ago I’ve had this bin:

When I got ready to leave for college, my mother filled it mostly with childhood toys, as the label says. I had a second, smaller green one with other memorabilia. She hung onto it for over a decade as I lived in tiny dorms, then tiny campus apartments with four roommates, then a Back Bay studio approximately the size of most peoples’ walk-in closets.

When I finally bought my own place in Upstate New York (an absolutely adorable little two-story three-bedroom, she and her husband helped me moved (I didn’t even own a car, because Boston). When she arrived at said tiny apartment, she had brought the two bins with her, completely understandable as I now quite literally had more living space than her.

Over the next 15 years, I did manage to whittle it down to just the larger blue bin – took some stuff out, and added some more memorabilia as an adult.

As mentioned in my intro, when it came time to sell my house and move across the country to Colorado, I was ruthless with selling and donating everything, including all my furniture except my desk, chair, and office bookcase. However, the month previous to closing was quite insane and where I ran out of time to declutter was my blue bin, so right onto the little U-Haul (their smallest truck) it went, untouched. It stayed packed away in the garage of our Boulder townhouse for another nine months, and then was shoved into the garage of our new home.

Six months later, I asked Karl to drag it out of storage, put it in the middle of my office, and opened it. I was immediately hit with so many memories and quickly remembered why I never really decluttered it. It’s so true that it’s the toughest category!

So this week I’ve been veeeeeeeeeery slowly discarding items from it here and there as part of the Mins Game, but it is really difficult to let go. I’ve heard wonderful tips such as taking photos, or writing about the memory the item is attached to, or even using it one last time, but…well, this is going to be a struggle.

I really would like to get it down to just a small number of the most important things. Any ideas? Please?

Love and Peace,


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