#MentalHealthMonth Challenge Week One

So I’ve completed my first week of the #MentalHealthMonth challenge. I’m really proud that despite a crazy week I only missed one checkbox and it’s the one I’m worried least about (more on that later).

Yoga: I’m doing Yoga with Adrienne’s 30-Day Challenge from last year, called “Home.” The playlist is here if you want to join the fun. It was definitely harder than expected, especially yesterday’s session. (And this is definitely beginner-level stuff). Don’t let anyone tell you yoga is just easy stretching – I can bench 100lbs but Downward Facing Dog and TableTop leave my arms trembling. I always felt more relaxed and aligned (to use a hippie, New Age term, LOL) afterwards.

Meditation: This was Days 1-7 of Basics I in the Headspace app. It was definitely hard at times, especially since I’m dealing with dental issues (root canal tomorrow, yay) that leave me with a constant toothache that’s hard to ignore during meditating. Definitely struggling to not “rush out into the traffic” as Andy says. On a positive note, I love Andy’s voice and find him so soothing and reassuring. I also love that they just added a black woman as one of the options! Headspace offered me 40% off Headspace Plus this week so I signed up, which will allow me to continue through Basics II and III.

Decluttering: Probably the easiest of the items aside from reading, but the first week is always easy with the Mins Game. I did haul out my memorabilia bin this weekend as the next thing to go through. (It was the only category that I didn’t have a chance to minimize before the cross-country move. I simply ran out of time.) This one will definitely get harder starting next week. A lot of this week’s discarded items were literally junk/trash type of things.

Blog/Course: The course is Courtney Carver’s How to Create a Microbusiness that Matters course. It reminds me a lot of Marie Forleo’s “Start the Right Business” module in B-School. The goal was to either work on the course or write a blog entry (or both) every day. As it happens, I alternated days this week. I do want to improve my blogging next week by adding photos. It’s not that I don’t know how, I’m just trying to get in the habit of writing a “plain” blog post first, LOL. I did add links for the first time to this post. In general, if I can keep at 3 posts a week I’ll be very happy. Let’s make that a standing goal, LOL.

Running: As a longtime runner, this one was the easiest for me in someways, and hardest for me in others. I used to be a triathlete and marathon runner but got out of it after my hysterectomy 2.5 years ago. This is totally in my comfort zone in many ways, but also the most foreign in other ways – I’m 15 pounds heavier, out of shape, and moved from 1700′ elevation to 8500′ elevation, so running doesn’t feel easy and effortless like it used to, which is extremely frustrating. With yoga, meditation, and blogging I can very much keep a beginner’s mind, but going from a 4 hour marathon to 13 minute miles has been tough. I ran 23 miles this week, which I’m pretty happy about.

Reading: Like running, this was the easiest, but also the one where I missed the day. I’m rereading my favorite minimalism/simplicity books. I finished “Goodbye, Things” and am halfway through “Soulful Simplicity.” (I’m not doing the actions in them as I already have this challenge going on, I’m just reading for inspiration.) Thanks to a last-minute dentist appointment that turned into an impromptu date night I missed Friday. Luckily I love reading so am not worried about creating a habit around it. (And I’m not starting over because this is #MentalHealthMonth, not #75Hard, and part of mental health is knowing when to have grace with yourself. If I had missed yoga or meditation that would have been different.)

So all in all I’m very happy with how the week went, especially with how crazy the week was with multiple doctor appointments and contractors in the house all day every day.

Goals for Next Week (aside from the obvious continuing the challenge):

  • Don’t miss a day of reading this time.
  • Up mileage to at least 25 miles for the week.
  • At least 3 blog posts, all with at least one picture.

Peace and Love,


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