Friday Five #1: Books

Welcome to the first installment of the Friday Five.

Today, five books you need to read. (I’ve included the Amazon links but highly encourage you to purchase at your locally-owned bookstore.)

1.) Soulful Simplicity. My copy is nearly worn out. I love Courtney’s “voice,” her story, and how she simplified not just her belongings but all facets of her life.

2.) The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. I read this essay over and over on Mark Manson’s site before it was fleshed out and published as a book. This is required reading for everyone. At the very least, read the essay for free at:

3.) The Little Book of Hygge. The days are getting colder and shorter for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. Perfect time to brush up on the Danish art of hygge, sometimes translated as “coziness” (but means so much more).

And a couple fiction books:

4.) A Moveable Feast – Hemingway at his finest. It’ll make you want to move to Paris and he dishes on all the well-known writers of the time.

5.) A Song of Fire and Ice – Sure, you’ve seen “Game of Thrones” (Which is the name of the first book in R.R. Martin’s series), but the writing is great and after all – Winter is coming.

So curl up by the fire and enjoy! I love a good thought-provoking (sometime note-taking-necessitating) non-fiction when I have a bit more energy and an escape-worthy fantasy/fiction book when the brain is done for the day. If you read any of these, drop your comments below!

Honoring Your Best You,


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