Dress for the Life you Want

We’ve often heard of “Dress for the job you want.” Well I say, dress for the life you want. Especially with so many of us still in quarantine, it can be easy to get stuck in the “sweatpants and no bra” rut that is Corona Life. While joggers and baggy hoodies certainly have their place (you can pry my gray velour sweatsuit out of my cold, dead hands), living in them 24/7 will eventually start to affect mood, productivity and keep you from feeling Your Best You.

So, here’s a three-step process for getting in the groove with your wardrobe.

1.) Describe what your absolute ideal life would be. Write it down. Get as descriptive as possible. Now, what would you wear as that person?

2.) Shop your closet. What items in your closet match what you envisioned Your Best You wearing? Separate them out, and put them on the nicest hangers you have, all matching. (I love the thin copper ones, personally.) I like to put everything in one place – clothes, shoes, outerwear, etc. so I can see my entire wardrobe all at once.

3.) Clear out the clutter. Now, take the rest of the clothes, shoes, etc. and box them up. No need to part with them yet. Just get them out of your closet, and preferably put the box somewhere you won’t be tempted to “break into it” like the attic or garage. Be sure to put the date on the box.

4.) Take inventory. Your closet is probably a lot smaller now – perhaps too small if you didn’t have many clothes in the “Your Best You” category. No rushing to the store – that defeats the purpose here. Slowly curate a list of the key items you need to complete your new wardrobe. Perhaps create a Pinterest board.

5.) Curate your wardrobe. After at least 30 days you can start slowly shopping for the PERFECT version of each item on your list. No compromising or “making do.”

Hope this helps. It’s a fun little (or perhaps big depending on your closet) project that can really help give you clarity and get you out of the Quarantine Blahs.

Honoring Your Best You,


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