5 Free Things To Do This Weekend

I’m on Day Two of no sleep (chronic insomnia), so we’re going to keep today’s entry short and sweet.

On the weekends it’s easy to default into hitting the mall, seeing the latest movie (even if you’re not particularly interested in it), or eating at the same mediocre chain restaurant for the 50th time. (Note with the last two it’s about quality, not the fact that money is being spent.) It’s especially tempting right now with most of the Northern U.S. still in a winter weather pattern. (I’m sitting here looking out upon a snow-covered Shire as I type.)

So, here are some (indoor) ideas for those of us in places where it’s too cold to do much outside, but there’s not enough snow to ski, snowshoe, etc.

  1. Embrace the Hygge: If you can still stomach it after all these months, instead of fighting the weather, put on your softest pajamas or sweats, make some tea or hot cocoa, and curl up with a good book. (I’m over this myself, but hey – if you can do it, go for it!
  2. Host a Movie or Game Night: (Also quite hygge!) Being stuck inside at home is a lot more fun with company – host a horror (or your favorite genre – perhaps chick flicks and wine is more to your tastes) movie marathon or a poker night with some good friends.
  3. Explore a New Trail: This one is outdoors, but a lot of us are wanting for fresh air, so if you can, bundle up and find a trail you haven’t explored before. Or perhaps drive out to a different neighborhood and walk around – you’ll be surprised at what you notice when you walk rather than drive.
  4. Spa Day: Get some friends together and have a home spa day – manicures, facials, and good conversation with some wine. Only fluffy bathrobes allowed!
  5. Plan your Summer Vacation:  Start putting your next vacation together – the dates, the location, what activities you want to do. This will give you something to look forward to. Bonus points for making a mini-vision board of it to look at until spring comes!

Hope this helps my fellow Northerners still in the throes of winter.

Hugs from Hobbiton,


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