Nine Categories to Declutter for Spring

Although Hobbiton, like most of the Northeast, is locked into a winter weather pattern, in most other parts of the Northern Hemisphere Spring has sprung and with it, Spring cleaning and decluttering.

Here are some categories to declutter while preparing for Spring:

1.) Garden implements – Do you really need three hoes and two rakes to get the yard back in order? Probably not,

2.) Dresses and skirts – Although shorts season may be a while off, while you’re exchanging your warm pants for cute dresses and skirts, make sure to consider each one before automatically adding them back in your closet.

3.) Cleaning supplies – Since it’s cleaning season, what better time to go through all your cleaning supplies? Throw out anything you no longer use, anything past its prime, and any extra rags (you probably don’t need ten unless you’re running a cleaning business).

4.) Sweaters – Just as it’s a good idea to sort dresses and skirts as you dust them off for the season, declutter any sweaters that got stained, developed holes or pills, no longer fit, or that you just didn’t wear this past winter before putting them away.

5.) Cars – No, I don’t mean declutter how many cars you own (if this is a thing you need to do, you’re probably not my intended audience, and I commend your opulence). Both clutter and dirt can build up over the winter. Spring is a great time to clear out the car and give it a thorough cleaning!

6.) The coat closet/entryway/mudroom –  A hard, long winter can leave your coat closet, entryway, and/or mudroom looking like a war zone, especially if you have children. Check the winter coats to see if they’re good for another winter, toss any mittens without a match, and donate any winter items that have been (or will be by next winter) outgrown. Bonus points for emptying everything out for a thorough dusting and mopping!

7.) Papers – With tax season just ending it’s a great time to go through your papers. Remember to toss 2010 tax papers! (In general – consult with your accountant of course.)

8.) Air –  This one may sound like I’ve smoked a bit too much pipeweed, but after being closed up all winter, air quality and humidity indoors absolutely plummet. Open up the house for a thorough airing as soon as you can. My personal limit is 50F for opening the windows, but your mileage may very.

9.) Yard/Garden – Once the snow melts, a lot of broken branches, literal garbage, and even lost items can be revealed. A quick run-through with gloves and a garbage bag can improve the look before you can even garden.

Hope this list helps you do some seasonal decluttering and cleaning!

Hugs from Hobbiton,


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