Book Review: The 100 Thing Challenge

I’ve always been fascinated with extreme minimalism, so when I had the opportunity to pick up David Bruno’s The 100 Thing Challenge for under $4, I grabbed it right away.

The Good: Bruno spends a lot of time detailing the thought process that led to him doing the challenge and how he prepared for it for an entire year ahead of time. (Hint: As discussed in my previous post, discarding items is no easy feat, and he needed to get his down to 100.)  I also liked that he included specific lists of what his 95-100 items were at various points – although everyone’s lifestyles and requirements are different, they help to provide a jumping-off point.

The Bad: One of the positive attributes of the book also leads to one of its detriments: I felt there wasn’t enough focus given to the actual challenge and the lifestyle changes and difficulties it created.  Now in all fairness one of the points Bruno makes is that his life didn’t change much, but I would still have liked to have seen this section fleshed out.

In Summary: Although not one of my favorites, it is a quick easy read and may inspire you to do your own extreme (however you define this – as Bruno says in the book, his number was 100, others may have a different one) minimalism challenge.

The extreme minimalism video series that I like best is by one of my favorite Youtubers,  The Bad Minimalist. Check it out – they not only go through what they keep, they address a lot of the underlying emotions that can come out during a challenge like this. Watch the entire playlist below:

Hugs from Hobbiton,


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